Asya.AI is an AI research, software development and design company.
Our mission is to develop products that gives super-powers to humans
leaving them in control and not replacing them.



Asya is the short version of the name Anastasia. The name originates
from Greek and means “Resurrection”; a rising again, revival. Asya is
focused on building something new from what has been before. She
defines the new future. And, Asya is also a beautiful name like Alexa
and Siri.


Ph.D Comp. Sc.

Evalds Urtans

Founder, CEO, CTO

Leading research and development team. Scientific experties and novel product developement.

Ba Hon. Design, Creative Advertising

Ariels A. Tabaks

Founder, Creative Director

Leading design team. Creative directions for novel product development. Advertising and marketing expertise.

BSc. Comp. Sc.

Pauls Purvins

Partner, Lead developer

Solving complex AI problems for novel products.

MSc. Comp. Sc.

Valters Vecins

Partner, Machine learning Deep learning engineer

Solving complex AI problems for novel products.

Join us

Our team is made of seasoned experts and young professionals. Like
a good creative team that values energy and passion our focus is to
influx new young talents every year. Feel free to apply to our team at

Student positions

Machine learning internship

Software Internship

Mobile apps internship

Product design internship

Advertising internship

Psychology (Emotions) internship

Other positions

Human behavior, psychology advisor